Everything starts with the founder; and we are looking to build with those we refer to as The Others. The Others are non-traditional, first or second-time startup founders. They lack a certain pizzazz, and they are unlikely to be 20-year-old Ivy league drop outs or trust-fund babies.

However, what The Others may lack in traditional founder appeal, they make up for in intelligence, valuable industry exposure (acquired through hard work and an insatiable curiosity), and a unique mindset (forged through their embrace of the differences that define them). They have grown quietly in the shadows. They do not fold under adversity, as they have become accustomed to it, and, in fact, they thrive on it.

The Others are many things; principled, creative, intelligent, humble, empathetic, hard working, and ambitious. Within startup circles, they are also outsiders that are often overlooked and dismissed.

While these founders may not have determined the full execution portion of their venture, there is no denying the value of the insights that fuel their vision.

The Others do not fit the still popular mold of what most assume is the “destined-to-be-successful” entrepreneur: the Harvard drop-out, who has been granted insider status via their network and socio-economic origins. The hunt for this “ideal” profile still permeates the startup landscape despite the fact that a careful examination reveals that as a whole, statistically and financially, this “ideal” founder archetype does not generally succeed, never has and likely never will. For every Bill Gates, there is an army of his peers who have lured billions of dollars of investment with relative ease…only to end with expensive and often skillfully-concealed failures.

While many Others have failed, it is critical to distinguish the failures which were inevitable from those that could have been avoided through a more realistic business outlook and through better execution frameworks. By diagnosing the origins of failure in many of those promising ventures, we glean a more accurate understanding of the true value created by The Others.

They are from the real world — they have not been shielded from it but rather, they have been molded by it, tempered by the challenges and formative opportunities it offers.

This real life catharsis ensures that they are fit to contend, excel and ideate. The world they see and understand, the world which compels them to act in hopes of improving it, exists.

As outsiders to those who have traditionally dominated business, The Others constitute some of the most valuable business creators which our societies have to offer.

They are the dormant capital our societies need to tap into to ensure prosperity. Their energy, lucidity, vision, humanity, honesty and hard work are essential elements in the building of high-growth, disruptive, and profitable ventures that address real problems and impact vast ecosystems of beneficiaries.

More than simply being exceptionally talented at formulating business solutions, these founders are truly inspirational human beings. They are individuals about whom we intuitively feel good, who we wish to see rewarded for the rich display of humanity that defines who they are and what they seek to accomplish. Life is better because they succeed!

The Others inspire us to match their personal investment with our best measure of smarts, heart, vision, and dedication. We are proud to help them solve powerful problems through elegant solutions, and to grow truly enriching ventures.

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